Ventra Evart auto parts workers overwhelmingly defeat UAW

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Update: Read the statement of the recently formed Ventra Evart Workers Rank-and-File Committee, Ventra workers deserve a $10 raise! Throw out the bargaining committee and elect a new one from the shop floor!

The official vote results showing the rejection of the UAW-endorsed tentative agreement at Ventra Evart on June 27, 2022 [Photo]

Workers at the Ventra auto parts plant in Evart, Michigan, defeated a concessions contract endorsed by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union by a near-unanimous margin in voting Monday. The workers make plastic moldings and other components, including fascias, lamps, and wheel flares, for the Big Three automakers and Tesla.

The total was 683 “no” votes (or 94.5 percent) to 40 “yes” votes (or just 5.5 percent), according to the official tally, a crushing repudiation of the UAW’s efforts to ram the pro-company agreement down workers’ throats.

Ventra workers, in rejecting the UAW’s insulting tentative agreement, have taken a stand for the entire working class. Their rebellion against the union bureaucracy is the latest in a series by workers over the last year and a half, which have seen “no” votes on UAW-endorsed contracts by as high as 90 percent at Volvo Trucks, parts maker Dana Inc., John Deere and Detroit Diesel.

The rejection of the UAW-Ventra deal is just the first step. Based on the UAW’s long record of conspiring against workers on behalf of the corporations, the union will now double down on its efforts to secure Ventra’s terms and maintain the sweatshop conditions at the plant.

In order to draw up a list of demands and prepare a real struggle to win them, Ventra workers should move quickly to form rank-and-file factory committees, independent of the UAW and comprised of the most militant and trusted workers.

A key task of such a committee will be to appeal for support from the tens of thousands of auto and auto parts workers who are similarly chafing against UAW-imposed concessions and seeking to fight for major improvements to wages, benefits and working conditions.

Major opposition and UAW strong-arm tactics in run-up to contract vote

Based even on the limited details on the contract workers received from UAW officials, the tentative agreement was a total sellout, and would have imposed substantial concessions in wages and health care on workers.  

Workers’ share of health care premiums would increase substantially over the five years of the contract, according to a copy of the UAW “highlights” of the agreement.

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