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Are you trying to dispose of your old, damaged, or wrecked car and are wondering where to begin? If you’re having trouble finding a junkyard or an auto salvage yard, this article is for you.

So whether your car has reusable parts or you just want to make some money off of its scrap metal, you’ll find a suitable buyer.

This article lists the top 10 ways to find a junkyard and salvage yards near you, the easy way.

  1. US Car Junker – Find junkyards with the best cash offers for your car.
  2. Peddle – Sell your junk car and get cash in as fast as two days.
  3. US Scrap Yard – Get professional help finding the best offers for your junk car.
  4. Yards Near Me – Sell your car to Yards Near Me’s vetted junkyards near you.

US Car Junker

US Car Junker is both a resource to find junkyards near you and a junk car marketplace where you can list your old or damaged car for sale.

They provide an easy way to find car junkyards and salvage yards all through the United States. They have a large database you can filter through based on your location.

All you need to do is provide your location details, and you’ll get names of salvage yards near you, complete with their contact details, physical addresses, and website links. You’ll also find details of the junkyard ratings, customer reviews, operating hours, and how you can sell your vehicle to them.

You can call them at (844)509-2399 if you want to try their service.



  • They don’t filter junkyards by car brands

Locate yards with the best cash deals quickly with US Car Junker’s yard locator>>


Peddle, unlike US Car Junker, is a car dealership only and does not provide a database for other junkyards. Instead, they buy used, old and damaged cars themselves to resell or repurpose.

Peddle provides you with an instant offer for your junk vehicle depending on the condition of your car. Upon accepting their offer, you can then schedule a free pickup. They’ll conduct a quick assessment to ascertain that all the details you provided are correct, then pay you for your vehicle.

Peddle junk car services are located all over the US. They pride themselves on great customer service as can be seen from their customer reviews.


  • Save time spent searching for junkyards and sell your vehicle directly to them.
  • They have over 2 million cars bought and repurposed or recycled, giving them enough experience you can trust.
  • Peddle has a rating of 4.7 out of five based on over 99k reviews on Trustpilot.


  • Their instant offer is inaccurate and prices often drop after inspection.

Sell your car with Peddle for a good amount of money>>

US Scrap Yard

US Scrap Yard is a professional agency that finds scrap yards in the US, helping you dispose of old, wrecked, or totaled cars fast.

They partner with scrap and salvage yards across the country, giving you access to scrap yards near you. You can ask for an instant quotation and you’ll get scrap yards with the best offers and free pickup services.

When you provide details of your vehicle and its current condition, you’ll get an offer and you can instantly sell your car.


  • They have a professional team that will help you sell off your car to a junkyard near you. This makes the process less engaging for you.
  • Get cash payments for your junk car within as fast as 48 hours of working with US Scrap Yards.
  • Sell your vehicle in any condition.


  • US Scrap Yard does not provide details or reviews of the junkyard they intend to sell your vehicles to.

Use US Scrap Yard to locate the best junkyards near you and get cash in 48hours>>

Yards Near Me

With Yards Near Me, you can easily find a junkyard in your location. Alternatively, you can sell your junk vehicle to them directly for instant cash payments. Their junkyard locator filters information by car brand or location.

They conduct background research on the junk car yards in their database making sure you only deal with transparent and reliable junkyards.

If you choose to sell your car with Yards Near Me, they’ll get you a quote upon providing your vehicle details. If you accept their offer, you’ll get free pickup and towing services. You’ll also receive your payment on the spot during pickup.


  • Great search tool which helps you find nearby junkyards with filters of brand and location.
  • They offer free pick-up and towing services.
  • They conduct background research on junkyards near you so you don’t have to do it yourself.


  • They don’t provide contact details on their website

Sell your car to Yards Near Me or any of their vetted junk and salvage yards near you>>


SalvageParts offers an easy way to locate junkyards and you can sort their list by vehicle type or location. When you type your zip code, you’ll get a list of car junkyards around your state or city. The details of the physical address, phone number, email address, operating hours, and customer reviews are all available in your search.

Besides listing junk car yards, SalvageParts also lists junk cars for sale. You can also buy auto parts near you from car dealers listed on their website.

Their operations span beyond the US into Canada and they have an extensive database of over 20,000 junkyards.


  • You can easily vet your junk yards before settling for one as the site provides ample details for junkyards.
  • Besides selling to junkyards, you can also buy cheap second-hand auto parts from junkyards to use for your vehicle through their website.
  • You can find car parts for classic vehicles.
  • Provides disposal options for both automobiles and motorcycles.


  • The junkyard results can be confusing to users.


They’re a car dealership that purchases used and junk cars and sells usable automobile parts. Pull-A-Part has junkyards located in parts of the country where you can sell your junk car for cash payment.

They also provide instant quotes and free car towing services just like the other junkyard locators discussed. However, once you’ve accepted their offer and scheduled a pickup, you can get your car picked up and payment made within 24 hours.

Pull-A-Part takes care of the document processing for you so you won’t have to worry about state laws.

Their junkyards also sell used car auto parts at affordable prices. Their focus is mostly on car parts as opposed to your vehicle’s scrap metal and they offer more for intact vehicles.


  • They buy cars of any make or model, in any condition.
  • They buy junk cars and sell used parts
  • Free towing services


  • Their stores are only available in a few states.


U Pull It

U Pull It provides an online directory to find junkyards in locations near you. They also buy junk cars from sellers across the country and pay cash.

There are U Pull It junkyards in some locations. You can find used auto parts from their junkyards for your vehicle. They have a huge inventory of over 1200 vehicles daily, so you’re almost guaranteed to get usable car parts for yourself.

You can use their exchange for auto parts service if you’re unable to find a car part you need from their salvage yard. Besides junk cars with usable parts, U Pull It buys scrap metals from your junk cars and other sources.


  • U Pull It gives you the option to pull out your car parts and save money on having to use mechanics to pull out parts for you.   
  • They provide a 30-day warranty for parts you purchase in their junkyards. You can also extend the warranty to 90 days.
  • They recycle cars in an eco-friendly way



US Junk Yard

Another easy way to find junkyards is through US Junk Yard’s online salvage yard locator. With US Junk Yard, you can locate junkyards or sell your junk vehicle directly.

So whether you’re unable to repair your car, it’s damaged, totaled or just old, you can still sell it to US Junk Yard or salvage yards near you. You’ll get competitive rates for your junk cars.

You can get instant offers on their website and when you receive an offer, they’ll pick up your vehicle from your location. Their agents from your location come to pick your car up within 48 hours.

The US Junk Yard database contains junkyards all over the country. They also buy junk cars countrywide themselves.



  • They often use checks for payment.

Get help selling your vehicle to US Junk Yard’s network of junkyards near you>>

Rusty’s Auto Salvage

Rusty’s Auto Salvage offers to buy your junk cars at suitable prices if you’re having trouble with the disposal. They help you get the most money out of your car, by providing reliable quotes before issuing you an offer.

With a simple phone call, you can have them come to our location to inspect, purchase and pay for your car. They’ll also provide free vehicle pickup services for you.

Their procedure is simple and all you need to do is provide details about the condition of your junk car. Whether your car has usable parts that can be sold or whether its value is scrap metal, you can still use Rusty’s to sell your car.

They also have excellent customer reviews for their customer service and overall reliability.


  • Sell your vehicle in any condition
  • They have junk and salvage yards located in almost all the states in the US.
  • They have more than 10 years of experience buying junk cars.


  • They do not have a “junkyard near me’ locator yet.

US Salvage Yards

Find nearby salvage yards with the US Salvage Yards directory or simply sell your old or damaged car to them directly. With a direct transaction, you won’t have to vet junkyards yourself, you’ll have US Salvage Yards do it for you.

With that, you’ll get instant quotations for prices, and if you receive their offer, free towing. Alternatively, you can find other junkyards on their site. US Salvage Yards makes sure all their salvage yards are reliable.

Regardless of the type, make, model, or condition of your car, you’ll be sure to find a junkyard or car removal service near you to buy it.

Their website provides free estimation quotes to help you predict your final car price. You’d have to provide the details of your vehicle correctly though for a more accurate quote.


  • Easy access to Junkyards near you
  • Free towing nationwide depending on your location
  • You’ll get paid during pickup via your preferred payment option
  • Guaranteed near-accurate quotes


  • No direct contact details provided

Get paid top dollars for your junk vehicle with US Salvage Yards>>


To get the best out of your junk car, there are a few tips to look out for before settling for a close-by junkyard. These include:

  • Always discuss payment procedures before you accept any offers for your salvage vehicle.
  • Provide accurate details of the extent of your car’s damage when asked. This way, when the junkyard people come for an inspection, they won’t find new faults that will reduce the value of your vehicle
  • Compare rates from several yards to pick the best offer.
  • Make sure your junk vehicle is in one piece.
  • Remember to factor in fees such as taxes depending on your state, as these may not be included in the quotations.
  • Establish a junkyard’s credibility beforehand. Positive customer reviews and testimonials help with this.

Payment delays and price cuts are among the common problems junk car owners face. But with the above tips, you’ll minimize the risk of getting into bad deals with salvage yards and junkyards.


Q1: What should I do before I sell my car to a junkyard?

Before deciding to sell your vehicle for cash, it’s crucial to first establish its value, if any at all. For this, you’ll need a professional. This way, even as you explore the option of taking your vehicle to a junkyard, you’ll know how much to expect.

You may find that your vehicle is worth much more and can be sold as a used automobile. Or that parts of your vehicle can get you much more money if sold for reuse.

Q2: What is the mechanism of a junkyard?

Car junkyards buy damaged, totaled, wrecked or old cars and repurpose them, resell usable parts, or sell scrap metal for recycling. The used parts are sold at a discount whilst the scrap metal pricing depends on its weight.

Q3: Can I sell car parts to a junkyard?

Salvage and wreckage yards typically buy junk vehicles to sell reusable parts and sell the metal as scrap. So you can sell your used car parts directly to them.

However, the downside to this is once your vehicle is no longer in one piece, you’d have to pay to tow the remaining parts from your property. Therefore selling the vehicle as a unit may be a cheaper option as you’ll find a junkyard to tow it for free.

 Q4: How does a junkyard tell the value of my car?

To determine value, junkyards assess your vehicle’s make, model, size, year, and if it has missing parts. Your vehicle will also be assessed for damages and the extent of the damages to usable parts.

You’ll get more cash if your vehicle is in better condition. If your vehicle is damaged and you’re only selling it as scrap, its value comes down to the weight of the scrap metal and the market price of metals.

Knowing the value of your vehicle beforehand will help you get your vehicle’s worth.

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